My popular answer has been YES, it is worth it, and YES, it works! If you have been following me for a while you know my baby must have list is pretty small and basic. You also know that I’m the first one to say when something is not necessary.  Although my list remains very small still(I’ll share it soon) a new item has been added:The DOCK A TOT. The DOCK A TOT is one of my current MUST HAVES for any mommy to be and for sleep deprived mothers out there. I recommend this product, and believe it can make a difference as you adjust to your new baby in your bed and or to a sleeping routine with a struggling sleepy baby.

I first used a DOCK A TOT almost 8 months ago. I actually was on the fence about buying one because of the hefty price, but one my Instagram friends decided to hand me down her Deluxe-DOCK A TOT. Now, yes it was a hand me down, but I was so excited because I really wanted to see what the hype was about. Let me tell you, it was an instant hit. I exclusively breastfeed and cosleep, and having the DOCK A TOT in my bed was so convenient. I would nurse him and he would stay there sleeping so cozy and comfy. I couldn't believe it. 

Lets face it, we all want our babies to sleep well, so that we can sleep too. I don't believe in sleep training and I nurse on demand, and that can be exhausting, but knowing that a DOCK A TOT can help give that warm and cozy comfort for a few hours a night made me love this product so much!


One day my youngest outgrew it, and I was so sad, but quickly learned that the DOCK A TOT came in two sizes: Deluxe and Grand. DOCK A TOT was so nice to upgrade us to a GRAND, and help us continue to provide a safe sleeping nest for our growing baby. I also have my fingers crossed that they are working on a DOCK A MOM, lol. Not kidding.  

Since our upgrade, my youngest continues to enjoy his sleep in the DOCK A TOT. I also enjoy my sleep a bit more as each day passes. Some of you have asked if the purchase is really necessary, and here are my reasons why you should invest.....because after all, this is an investment.


 If you cosleeep and nurse you know how hard it is to get away from the baby because the moment they stop nursing and you move they wake up. The DOCK A TOT keeps them feeling cozy and comfy. 

The DOCK A TOT is portable and lightweight it can go with you anywhere. Your bedroom, living room, park, and even grandmas house for when you and your hubby want to getaway.

You can easily wash it! My two year old was lounging on it when she spilled some of her juice and I immediately threw in the washer machine. Yes, it is machine washable. A couple hours later my youngest was taking  nap in it. That fast!

 It is a beautifully and well made baby item. There are different cover options, you can take a look at them here

The DOCK A TOT can be used in various ways. As a lounger, baby sleeping dock, around the house, for tummy time, and to play. I only like to use it a sleeping dock, so that he knows this is his safe space to sleep. 

I know the price tag might be holding you back, but if this is the only sleeping item you purchase then it's totally worth it. 

I am extremely grateful for this product as it has helped my baby sleep a little longer. It has giving me peace that he is sleeping in a safe little dock in the middle of my husband and I. This is not only an investment for your baby, but for your sleep. Thank you all for reading and if you have any questions before purchasing, please free to ask. You can also take a look at these F.A.Qs on here


*This post was sponsored by DOCK A TOT, but all opinions are my own.