Yesterday we sprinkled "magic glitter" underneath Liam's pillow to help with the jitters and nervousness that sometimes we feel before starting something new.  This morning an eager, ready for school boy woke up. It all happened so fast, but my first born was ready to continue spreading his wings into Kindergarten. I wanted to keep today all to myself, and although I’m keeping a lot, I still wanted to share a bit. After 5 years of sharing all about Liam, I felt this post was a must. In the past, I wouldn’t have noticed another school year upon us. I would have just imagined that parents were probably celebrating the end of summer fun and the return of normalcy and routine. However, this year was different. This year we(Eddie and I) were part of that group sending their child to their very first day of kindergarten. Eddie took the day off (yesterday and today) to be part of Liam's special day. I love that my husband enjoys being part of all of this. Doing this together makes it so much sweeter, after all, he is part of this transition too. Let me tell you guys, the transition to Kindergarten is a big one for every child, and for us parents too. I expected us to be a little nervous, after all, it’s the start of something new for everyone in this family. I want Liam to know that even tough it’s going to be tough adjusting to a new routine, soon it will be something that we are all going to enjoy for a long time. As his parents we are here to reassure him and be patient with him.


Liam, some days will be full of wonder and excitement, and yes, other days will be hard. I hope the good days continue to fuel your passion for learning, but don’t let the tough ones take the fun out of it.  Even hard things can be fun if you accept the challenge with a good attitude. Momma & Daddy are here to help you face each one with joy. & don’t forget our three rules: Be Kind, Be YOU, & have fun! Kindergarten is going to be so much fun! Now, just because you started school doesn't mean summer is over. Lets continue to have fun baby boy!


Notes: here are some answers to your recent questions.

1. Where is Liam going to school? 

For the safety of my child I will not share what school he attends and I hope you understand and respect my choice to not disclose that.

2. Did Liam attend preschool?

Liam attended a 2Xs a week preschool program that didn't last longer than 8 weeks. He did attend a fun Friday class for about 4 weeks. I did my best to teach him to write his name(which he can write), learn the upper and lower case alphabet, learn to cut, colors, shapes and numbers(only 1-30) and other fun learning activities we did.

3. Did you do a lot of back to school shopping? What did you buy?

We did not do much back to school shopping since it is still very hot and we currently have summer clothes. We did buy a backpack, and the button down he is wearing in the picture above. We made a deal if he wore a button down on his first day the second day he could wear a Mario Brothers tee of his choice. We also didn't get to buy his red shoes he has been wanting nor did he get a new hair cut.

 Don't be stressed for their first day, I know it came fast, but I want you to remember that none of those things matter. What matters is that you are there. Take the day off if you can. Ask your partner to do the same (if possible). They will remember that forever. Hold their hand as you walk them to their class. Kiss them goodbye and tell them you love them. Be there to pick them up and be ready to hear all about it. Their first day is going to be a magical one!

The little boy who didn't want to attend school had the best first day, and I have a feeling your child will too.

Mommy tip-Jitter Glitter: If your little one is starting Kindergartner and is still unsure about it or is a little nervous here's a little tip. Sprinkle "magic" glitter beneath his pillow and tell them this glitter is going to allow them to sleep through the night and wake up feeling fresh and bright and no longer nervous. It worked for us and it can work for you too. 

con amor, 

Martha Castro