homemade Playdough

I typically just go to target and buy the premade playdough and call it a day. They’re pretty inexpensive for the most part, but in recent weeks I’ve noticed we’ve been going through play dough fast. I figured why not make our own. It sounds pretty easy, and I do love a diy and or making homemade things, but the reality of my current life is that my time is pretty occupied. To be honest I don’t want to spend more time in the kitchen cleaning pots and more dishes, but it sounded fun, so we gave it a try. For years I’ve had many recipes I have wanted to try and for years I have never made time for it. Even in my less busy seasons store bought playdough was still my go to. A couple weeks  ago I tried a recipe that caught my attention because it only contained 3 ingredients. It sounded great but the outcome wasn’t my most favorite. It dried up super fast and even adding more flour to it didn’t help. I tossed it and tried the second recipe I had. If you’ve been making play dough for years you know how easy it can be, and you probably have your recipe down. This post isn’t for you, Ha! But if you want to give this a try, and can spare a few minutes in the kitchen, keep scrolling. Below are the ingredients you’ll need. I had all of them in my pantry except for the cream of tartar.


in a pot(see below) combine all of the ingredients and mix them well.


Once all ingredients are mixed put the pot over the stove on low-medium heat and start stirring again. Slowly you’ll see the playdough will start to form. Keep stirring until it’s ready.

Cool off and then it’s ready to play with.


Once the playdough was coo(it only takes a few minutes to cool) l I added a few drops of food coloring and mixed it while wearing gloves.

NOTE: In order to get the amount of playdough shown in the picture above I made the recipe twice.

IMG_9552resized (1).jpg

I am storing the playdough in these clear containers that I bought at Michael’s. I’ve linked some similar ones from amazon down below.


I hope you mommas enjoyed this blog post.

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Con amor,

Martha Castro

& remember one day at time.