Picasso Tiles

These past couple weeks we have been playing with our Picasso Tiles . Picasso Tiles are shape building magnet tiles that are fun for gaining hands on experience with creativity. These tiles have been a great addition to our collection of educational toys. I personally love anything that is fun, educational, budget friendly, and can be used by any age and through out the years. Not only are they super fun to use, but they also provide learning through play, and as you know we LOVE to learn to through play.  

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Mila is 21 months and Liam is almost 5.

Mila is 21 months and Liam is almost 5.

Liam and Mila play with them for hours and on their own, and sometimes they integrate other toys. For the younger children like Mila, Picasso Tiles help work on developing fine-motor skills, learning about shapes, colors, patterns & more. Mila is enjoying playing with big brother, and I am enjoying watching them. I love when they can share an interest in the same thing. 

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Picasso Tiles are our newest favorite toy! I had no idea how much creativity, problem solving(yes, problem solving), and engineering they would inspire until we got our very own set. I will say that the more tiles you have, the more creativity you can produce. We have a set of 26 pieces, and we will be ordering an additional set.  

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Something else I wanted to mention is that you can also use them in multiple surfaces, but one place that I was surpise to see them float in was in the water. Although they only float when they're spread accross the surface of water, it is still very neat to know you can use them in the water.

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I hope you guys enjoyed this review, and I hope to be able to do this more often. Also, please know that anything that I do share I have to love and truly believe in. Thank you for reading and don't forget to leave a comment.

Con amor, 

Martha Castro

Product Details:The two sets of Picasso Tiles used in the pictures above are: Picasso Tiles® 26 Piece Inspirational Set Magnet Building Tiles 9 Different Shape and Picasso Tiles® 2 Piece Car Truck Set

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Picasso Tiles. We received the Picasso Tiles for the purpose of the review. I'd actually had my eyes out for a set of Tiles for the kids for a  while now, so when I received the opportunity I was thrilled. All opinions are my own and my children's. This product needs to be in every home!