Happy Mother's Day

We all know there is no way to be a perfect mother, and that your children were given to YOU.  They are YOUR babies, YOUR miracles. God gave them to YOU! Motherhood is not a competition, I think we can all agree with that, and we are definitely not winging it. We are actually trying very hard to do our best because they deserve the best, and what I mean by best is not material things but moments, memories, & love. One of my goals is for my children is to know that I love them dearly. My feelings will always be clear to them. We will practice connection, always!  Sometimes parents don’t make their feelings clear, they assume that their children know the love they have for them, but that will not be our story. I don’t ever want my children to assume they are loved,  my children will know they are loved. They will know that they are the greatest thing that ever happened to me and that this journey continuous to be the most powerful growth experience.

Happy Mother’s Day to every single one of you that has taken on this journey, and is embracing all the rawness motherhood has to offer. I had no idea it would be this much. I had no idea I could handle it. I had no idea how beautiful it would actually be. Motherhood completed me, and gave me what I had been missing. I am because they are, & this is MY motherhood!



To all the women who are hurting today, I know it hurts. Eveything hurts, your mind, your heart, your body. Although you might feel alone, and forgotten, you are not! I see you and I honor you!