Our Sweet Surprise: Luke Emiliano

Our sweet Luke Emiliano has been here for almost two months, and he is just the most perfect addition to our family. We are still getting adjusted, but things are going rather smoothly. I wished I could have shared this sooner, but as you can imagine it's been busy. As many of you know Luke was born by cesarean. The day before my scheduled csection everything went wrong. To start, Liam had randomly developed a fever of 102, and had to be taken to urgent care. He also had a contagious rash. That same morning I had my last doctors appointment at 9am, and because my husband needed to take Liam to urgent care, I had to drive myself to my last appointment. I was 39 weeks, and super uncomfortable. I felt overwhelmed because things weren't going how I had planned them. My husband had to borrow a car to take Liam to urgent care since we only had one car to transport the kids(this is not an issue anymore since we got our mini van). I had no choice but to drive myself to my last appointment. I also had received the news that if my platelet count was still low I would have to be put under general anesthesia, something that wasn't part of my "birth plan". I was mentally exhausted by the time I left the doctors office. I wanted to just sit in the car and cry because crying feels good. The day before my cesection I was suppose to be relaxed. I was suppose to get a mani and pedi,  and enjoy some quality time with my party of 4, but instead we were separated, overwhelmed, and anxious. On my way home my friend Liz had done the sweetest gesture. She offered to treat me to a mani and pedi, and I couldn't have been more grateful for sweet friends like her. The day slowly started getting better, and the feeling of being overwhelmed started fading away. Eddie got home with Liam from urgent care and they had ruled out any kind of infection, and the doctor didn't think the rash was related to the fever. We were relieved to say the least.  That June 8th we ended our day with thankful and grateful hearts. 

June 9th:

My csection was sceduled for 2pm, but my doctor wanted me to be there at 11:00 am. he was hoping the operating room was running on time and hopefully get me in there earlier, and he did.


Our sweet surprise Luke Emiliano was born by csection on Friday, June 9, 2017 at 2:34pm. He weighted 8 lbs 4oz. 


Eddie was able to accompany me in the operating room, and has actually been by my side with all three csections. It's truly been a blessing to have had him in there to support me, and snap these pictures. 

During the surgery I was wide awake and everything went smooth. If you've had a csection before you know that the best moment is when you hear that little cherub cry. I can recall every single detail from the surgery. The staff made me feel so comfortable during the operation and for some miraculous reason my platelets had gone up. I was meant to be awake again for the third time. Yes, this was my third csection and could have been my last. All  3 of my csection experiences have been beautiful and painful, but this one made me realize that perhaps I can't do it again. 

The recovery during my stay at the hospital was the hardest and most painful. We spent 3 nights at the hospital and almost 4 days. Staying there those 3 nights was the best decision I could have made. I needed the attentive care.  I experienced the most pain on day 2, and I cried like a baby.

Day 2-June 10th

The first half of June 10th was a day to remember. Liam and Mila both arrived to meet their baby brother along with my family.

Liam and Mila were to excited to meet baby Luke. Liam right away wanted to carry him in his arms. He is such an amazing big brother, and we couldn't be more proud of him. Mila surprisingly was ecstatic as well. When I saw the three of them together for the first time I felt an overwhelmig feeling of excitement and magic all at the same time.  Giving birth to these three little miracles is truly magic. The pain on the other hand not so much.

By the evening 24 hours had passed, the visitors were gone, and they had removed the catheter, so that meant I was going to start walking and using the restroom. That's when things got complicated. The walking part was not hard but trying to get out of that bed almost felt impossible. The pain was real, and nothing I had felt before. I'm naturally tough, and have a high pain tolerance, but this pain was excruciating. Not only did my incision hurt, but I was also suffering from gas pain and it was the most painful pain ever. You feel it on your side of your abdomen, and all the way up to your shoulder. I couldn't breathe or move. Luckily, with a lot of walking and some chamomile tea I started passing gas and soon was relieved from that pain. That night was rough, but luckily Luke was adjusting to the real world just fine.

He was eating, pooping and peeing often, and by day 3 I was ready to go home. I was really missing Liam and Mila. 

Day 3

I woke feeling a little better because that morning I pooped!! Tmi, but this is real stuff!! I was still struggling getting out of the bed. I also don't remember my other incisions hurting this much. That day my cousin and friends visited. They brought us some yummy donuts and snacks,  and they got to meet Luke. It also gave Eddie an opportunity go home to get the carseat and shower. I was so ready to go home too. As you can imagine I was missing my babies like crazy, and they were missing me.  Specially my sweet little Mila. Although she was in great hands(with my sil) she still needed momma. I am so thankful and grateful for the care and love she received during my absence. She couldn't have been in better hands. As for Liam, he stayed with my parents and sisters, and of course they showered him with lots of love and toys. I was so anxious leaving him because he had a fever of 102 and a rash, and I have never not been there when my children are sick. I had nothing to worry about because they did an excellent job. By the time he was picked up he no longer had a fever and his rash was almost gone. Overall, Liam and Mila were well taken cared of and they couldn't have been in better hands. 

Day 4 came and we were was ready to go. Still in pain and continuing to take those strong narcotics. They really helped ease the pain, and I am so glad I said yes. I was very proud that I did not take any meds after my last two csections, but I am also very proud that this time around I did what I had to do to function and feel better. We were discharged by that afternoon and we were ready to go. We were beyond excited to be a party of 5, The Castro's Party of 5!

NOTE:Like I mentioned earlier, this is in fact my third csection and the only way I have experience bringing life into this world. To me, this is magical, this is birth. I know there is a lot of stigma attached to csections, and a lot women feel disappointment for having one, but we can not forget that this IS BIRTH. The moment your baby is born is the most breathtakingly, magical moment you will ever experience, and it absolutely does not matter how they get here. Csections can still be a joyful and empowering birth experience, don't you ever forget that!

TODAY: I am 6 weeks postpartum and I am feeling great. My body is healing and I am in no rush to lose the baby weight. I am eating well, and exclusively breastfeeding Luke. I am giving myself the time I need. It takes 10 months for your body to grow your baby and they say to allow your body a good 10 months to get back to normal. Be kind to yourself and know that a lot of these changes are temporary. Love your new body. It just did something really amazing.


Martha Castro