Supermamás Social'17

What a gorgeous day it was for the second annual Supermamás Social'17 held at La Plaza de Cultura y Artes in Los Angeles, CA. This family event was brought to you by our favorite store, yes Target.

For those that are not familiar with who the Supermamás are, here's a quick little info about them:

Who are the Supermamás and what do they do?


The Supermamás are two sisters who are mothers, girl bosses, wives, & BIG dreamers: Bricia (left) and Paulina Lopez(right). These women are behind the successful Latino podcast: Supermamás.  They started the podcast back in July of 2015, and recently reached their 100th episode. Paulina and Bricia are doing big things in the community, and I have enjoyed watching all of their success. Two humbled, Latina mothers who had a vision, and decided to go for it. That is who the Supermamás are. In addition to their weekly podcast they put together this yearly event(Supermamás Social) that celebrates motherhood and brings women together for a fun,relaxing judgement free day.  They are also restaurant owners and public figures in the Los Angeles area. To learn more about the Supermamás please visit their website and don’t forget to listen to their podcast. Supermamás Podcast

My family and I arrived a shortly after they opened the gates, and luckily parking was not an issue, and in my opinion worth the $15 we paid. Upon arriving we were greeted by the Supermamás ambassadors who I am assuming were volunteers. They checked you in, and handed you a goodie bag. These girls were the sweetest!

The social had so many fun stations for the entire family. From nursing cabanas (sponsored by Ergo) to a self care beauty concierge(brought to you by target) and a Mama cabana brought to you by Northgate Market

A bubble village for the little ones.

A soccer clinic & reading corner that I didn't get to photograph.

A card making station presented by Target

Multiple photo booths that I totally took advantage of. Liam and Mila enjoyed being in the spotlight. 

Vendors such as Munchkin who were there introducing their new grass fed formula. We took a mini survey and were able to get a sample.  Lollaland who makes the most modern and fun baby/toddler goods. We've been a fan since Liam was a little boy, and now Mila got her own cup. Hanna owner of Lollaland was also part of the panel. RaggedyTiff who sells the most creative, folk-cultural inspired pieces. If you're looking for one of a kind, handmade items she is your girl, and the guest panelist Jacqui Saldana, Melissa Fumero, Natalie Alcala, and Hanna Lim who were there to speak and provide some insight on self care and being a mom boss. 

We were surprised with Mariachi (Mariachi Divas)!

Special appearances by Rosalyn Sanchez and Eric Winter who did a special reading of their new book, and sadly I didn't get any pictures.

 Food, treats and drinks, lots of drinks.

Below you can see Liam enjoying a cotton candy from LoveSwirls and those TODOVERDE drinks are amazing!

The Supermamás social was the perfect day to celebrate motherhood, to make new friends, and truly be proud of the mother you are. The Supermamás sisterhood Paulina and Bricia have created is here to stay, and I am filled with so much joy because I am part of this sisterhood. This event was beautiful and exceeded my expectations. The Supermamás have an amazing team that helped them make this possible. Thank you to everyone that was part of this team and created magic for all of us to enjoy!


my mama tribe<3

I was lucky to have found my tribe when my first born was just a few months old, and I love them dearly! This event is extra special because we get to experience it together: Susie, myself, Liz, Cindy & Mary.

& I continue meeting new mommas who are giving it their all in this beautiful journey. It was an honor meeting you all!

Veronica Popovic @veronapop99, Liz @rosie1966olph, Alexandria, always so nice to see you! Vanessa Torres @lifeoftorres, Christina @oc_mommyof2, Diane Castaneda @dianecastaneda, I know we've been following each other for quite sometime, so I feel like I know you already, but it was a pleasure meeting you in person, Brenda Campos @_brendah21_, Nadia Mendez, so happy you decided to join us, and our SuperPapasitos: Eduardo, Bobby, Danny, & Fernie, we wouldn't be theSupermamás that we are without you guys!

*Not in the pictures but thank you for taking your time to say hi: Blanca Kane: @blanca.kane, @mommy2_sj_sam, Evelyn Gomes @evygomez, Daniela Gomez @danielagomez23, @mamamia

To end the beautiful day Paulina and her family revealed the gender of their baby.

It’a a girl!

Thank you Paulina for sharing this special moment with us!

If you are interested in attending next year's social, stay tuned because the Supermamás Social’18 is already in the works!

Also, thank you for taking your time to read this. This is my first post event blog post, and I know I'm forgetting to mention a few details. I also didn't photograph all the vendors and few of the stations. ALL pictures were taken with my iphone 6plus, and hopefully that can change soon. Please feel free to comment and or like. I would be more than happy to answer any further questions. 

Note: This was not a sponsored post. Opinions in this post are Martha’s alone.

See you soon Supermamás, xoxo Martha Castro

Outfit Details:

My dress is from Boohoo, no longer available

Mila's dress and hat from Zara

Liam's short sleeve button down and rustic bermuda shorts from Zara